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All about Arm liposuction surgery

Arm liposuction

Arm liposuction surgery is a procedure which is performed for the individuals who wants to remove or get rid of the extra fat in the upper arm area. When the desired results cannot be attained with diet schedules and exercise people choose to undergo this arm liposuction .

There are a number of cosmetic surgeons and doctors who specialize in the arm liposuction surgery. Depending on the amount of fat present in the arms, the performing consultant or surgeon helps in creating a customized treatment plan for doing arm liposuction surgery.

How it is done ?

Arm Liposuction surgery is done using Laser technology to remove the excess fat that gets deposited under the arms over the period of time usually by weight gain or with advanced age.
The surgeon performing the arm liposuction usually makes incisions in the arms where the fat is deposited.

The incisions are made near the elbow and towards the back of the armpit of the person. The surgeon then inserts a tube, into the said fatty parts using these incisions, called a cannula. The cannula helps in breaking up the fat deposits and sculpts the area to the proportions as desired by the patients.

Extra fat is suctioned out using a high-pressure vacuum; and the skin, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels remain intact. Post the procedure; the remaining portions of skin are stitched back together using sutures.

With the advancement of technology, there are newer methods for the arm liposuction . One is called ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), which uses sound waves to liquefy the excess fat after the injection of fluids. This technique also minimizes any trauma, bruising, and excess blood loss.

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Benefits of arm liposuction surgery

Unwanted fat is always troublesome and shedding it off is always a relief. This surgery is an effective way of losing the stubborn arm fat. Some of the obvious benefits of arm liposuction surgery are:

  • Arm liposuction surgery helps in getting back to firmer, thinner arms creating a healthier and youthful look.
  • A well-performed arm liposuction provides much-needed motivation to attain & maintain a fitness regime in long run .
  • This helps in boosting the confidence of the patients who have been self-conscious about the unwanted fat in the arms.
  • The results of the arm liposuction surgery make sure that the person is much more comfortable wearing their desired clothing styles looking much fitter.

Cost for arm liposuction surgery

Prices for this procedure vary depending on the individual body size, amount of fat and the area being treated. The average estimated cost for arm liposuction surgery ranges from $2,500 to $7,500.