Every Thing About Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery
Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery

Each of us wishes to look good. But, what can you do when diets don’t work or when your skin started sagging, due to age or significant weight loss?

There are cases in which you need surgery to correct the shape of your body.

The surgery is a kind of surgery that is performed for redeeming the body’s natural and balanced contour. Here is all you need to know about it.

What is a body lift?

The purpose of the body lift surgery is to improve the aspect and tone of the tissue that is supporting the skin and fat.

The surgery is usually performed in the case of sagging fat or skin, which is removed. Thus, the irregular skin surface looks more toned and firmer.

So, yes, it is an invasive method that involves anesthesia, getting into surgery, being hospitalized, and a recovery period that depends on each person and the type of surgery that was performed.

Practically, this surgery will remove any tissue that is unaesthetic, whether it is fat or just simply skin.

The areas of the body that can be corrected with body lift are the abdominal area, buttocks, groin, and the thighs.

Still, do have in mind that this surgery is not necessarily performed for removing fat. In this case, liposuction can get rid of the unwanted fat, if there is no sagging tissue.

If you are wondering why people end up having such a surgery, you should know that there are many causes behind the sagging or tissue.

Aging, skin damages from constant exposure to sun, going through pregnancy, significant body weight fluctuations, and even genetic factors can determine the sagging of skin in various parts of the body.

In most cases, the surgery is required by people that lose a lot of weight, like 100 pounds or more, because losing so much fat tissue will leave the skin sagging, since it doesn’t have on what to stand anymore.

There are several types of body lift

As mentioned before, there are several areas where this surgery can be performed. These are areas where skin ends up sagging, out of various reasons. The most common areas that go under a body lift procedure are:

The abdomen (abdominoplasty)


There are several cases in which the skin and fat tissue of the abdomen end up sagging. It is very visible in the case of people that lost weight, the extra skin hanging in the place where a large tummy once stood.

So, they can’t enjoy their new body shape, because they still need to wear large clothes in order to mask this sagging skin.

Also, after a pregnancy, the same effect can be obtained, because the skin stretches over the tummy as the pregnancy develops.

In popular terms, the procedure of body life in the abdomen area is called a “tummy tuck”, because it will make the sagging tummy disappear .


The skin around the thigh, regardless whether it is on the inside, outside, its lateral sides, it can end up sagging. Significant weight loss can be one of the causes, but others can contribute as well, such as aging.

Through the thigh lift, the skin that is not firmer enough around the circumference of the thigh will be removed, and the aspect of the thighs improved.

Arm lift (brachioplasty)


Aging and weight loss can make the skin on the hands to sag. When this happens, it appears like having small “wings” of skin sagging under your arms.

Thus, in order to improve the overall aspect of the arms, this extra skin will be removed through surgery. After the procedure is done, the patient won’t have those “bat wings” anymore.

Breast lift


Aging, breastfeeding, weight loss, they can all have a negative effects on the breasts. The breast lift will ensure an upper and more natural position of the breasts.

Still, do not mistake the breast life with the breast enhancement surgery, because these are two different things.

During breast lift, the breast will not be enlarged. The initial dimension of the breast is kept, only the position will be changed, as the sagging effect will be removed and the breast will be positioned higher on the chest.

Buttocks lift


Due to sagging skin and fat tissue, the buttocks may end up looking uneven, flat, or positioned lower than normal.

The purpose of the buttocks lift is to remove any sagging skin and to tone the tissue that is forming the shape of the buttocks. The result will be firmer buttocks, with a natural round shape.

Groin area lift


The groin area lift is performed when the groin tissue ends up sagging on the interior side of the thighs.

The skin that ends up sagging here can be very uncomfortable, preventing people to walk and sit right, so it will be surgically removed.
Besides these common areas, the surgeon can perform body lift in other parts of the body, which may require correction:

Back tissue lift

There are situation when a back tissue lift will be necessary as well, in case there is a condition that made skin or fat tissue to get deformed in this area as well.

Thus, the skin will be corrected, straightening and toning the surface of the back.

Neck lift


The skin on the neck and under the chin also ends up sagging, especially due to aging, but also before of excessive sun exposure.

The wrinkled and sagging skin in this area will be corrected and smoothened out. Also, the canker under the skin, made out of skin that lost its elasticity, can also be removed as well.

Eyebrow lift


Due to aging or even because of a hereditary issue, the eyebrows can be positioned lower than normal. With the help of an eyebrow lift, the eyebrows are repositioned and lifted. Thus, the expression of the face becomes lighter and younger.

Forehead lift


Sun exposure and aging can make the skin on the forehead form creases and wrinkles. The forehead can be made to look smoother and firmed with the help of the forehead lift. The patient will stop having that forever worried expression due to forehead creases and will look years younger.

Who are the best candidates for a body lift?

The best candidates are the persons that have a significant looseness in their soft tissues. So, if your skin sags just a little, due to age or weight, this doesn’t mean that you need a body lift surgery.

Also, the patient will have to go through several medical tests prior to the surgery, to make sure complications won’t occur and that the healing process will occur normally.

There are health conditions that won’t allow the procedure to be performed; this is why a medical record is needed.

If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking before the surgery, with a couple of day, to reduce the risks.

Still, you should know that people that do not smoke are the best candidates, because the risks in their case are the lowest.

If a person is looking to get a body lift due to weight loss, the weight of the body should be stabile for at least three months before getting the surgery.

Also, it is best for these persons to be aware that they will have to continue with leading a healthy lifestyle and adopting a proper diet, because the surgery will only correct the effects of weight and weight loss, as it won’t stop them.

So, without a proper lifestyle and diet, the patient can gain weight back and end up in the same shape he or she was before the surgery was made.

What are the risks of body lift?

Just like in the case of any other surgery, there are also risks involved when it comes to body lift. So, yes, there can be problems during and after the surgery.

After the surgery, the most common issues that occurred were the infection of the wound, the reopening of the wound that needed surgical drainage, and too much bleeding, which may require another surgery.

Also, in approximately 15% of the cases, the patients also needed blood transfusions. In some of the rarest instances, patients developed blood clots that turned out to be fatal.

Other risks may be connected to the anesthesia or to the fact that the wounds heals slowly.

Also, in the area where the surgery was performed, the patient can experience numbness in the skin or the sensations in that area can change.

The pain around the intervention area can beuncomfortable and can last for a while.

The skin may loosen up as well, shortly after the body lift surgery, and other correctional surgeries may be needed.

Unwanted scaring is another unwanted side effect of this procedure. Thrombosis, pulmonary and cardiac complications are also on the list of risks.

So, there is quite a list of risks associated with this procedure. These risks may or may not occur, according to the organism and health state of each patient.