Best Breast Augmentation Doctors in Mexico

Best Breast Augmentation Doctors in Mexico
Best Breast Augmentation Doctors in Mexico

Best Breast Augmentation Doctors in Mexico

If you have asymmetrical, uneven or small breasts, you may definitely feel self-conscious.

Luckily, through the help of breast augmentation from the best breast augmentation doctor in Mexico, Dr. Rodolfo Castillo, the shape and size of your breast can be enhanced giving you a more curvaceous, sexier figure.

Dr. Castillo can provide you a highly personalized and respectful breast augmentation service.

As a professional and well-experienced doctor, Dr. Castillo will carefully explain o you’re the involved procedures and the many different options available to you in order to ensure the natural-looking, beautiful results.

At his breast augmentation practice, he wants to become really happy and satisfied with your breast augmentation so that you can fully enjoy your figure and increase your self-assurance. Email breast augmentation doctor in Mexico today to book your appointment with him.

Breast Augmentation Procedure with Dr. Castillo


During your first consultation with Dr. Rodolfo Castillo, he will perform a detailed regarding your physical characteristics as well as the treatment preference in order to determine the most ideal implant volume.

Dr. Castillo will discuss with you your aesthetic goals and take measurements and photos of you.

He will completely explain to you the involved breast augmentation procedures as well as the characteristics of the breast implants, its benefits and the most possible complications involved with it.

As the best breast augmentation doctor in Mexico, he is capable and willing to answer all questions in your mind in order to help you make a more informed and educated decision regarding this matter.

Before your breast augmentation surgery, several laboratory tests will be performed in order to ensure that you’re in a very good general health, perfect to undergo a surgery.

Dr. Rodolfo Castillo works in a credible hospital together with a registered anesthesiologist who will choose the best kinds of anesthesia to be used for you.

In order to place the implants, Dr. Castillo, as the best breast augmentation doctor, will start to create a small incision that will lead in a very minimal scarring.

Based on your body size and type of your implant, he will help you decide the best incision site for the breast augmentation process.

He will place the breast implant through that small incision, positioning it either between the breast tissue and the muscle or behind your pectoral muscle.

After perfectly placing the implant, he will close the incision carefully through the use of surgical tape and internal absorbable sutures.

Recovery and Results

With the best breast augmentation doctor in Mexico, immediately after your procedure, you will notice instant results.

Normally, you may experience some minimal discomfort and swelling, but all of these can be controlled with a mild medication only.

You may also need to wear a compression bandage or a sports bra to avoid further discomforts, and Dr. Castillo will suggest you some physical activities you can do and when you can possibly return to your work.

After 10 to 14 days, you have to return to the hospital for the following check-up and to have the surgical tape removed.

Dr. Castillo, as a breast augmentation doctor will guarantee you that as your recover and the swelling subsides, the outcomes of your breast augmentation will more much more apparent.

You need to keep in that as you age, the size and shape of your breast may change. So, if your desire to correct those normal changes, a breast lift and an implant exchange might be a necessary option in the future.

Types of Breast Augmentation Implants

There are various types of implants provided by Dr. Rodolfo Castillo.

At your first consultation with him as your breast augmentation doctor, he will discuss to you your available options and will help you in choosing the best options based on the natural size of your breast, your body type, your skin elasticity, and your most preferred outcome.

The different breast augmentation options available to you include the following:

Polyurethane Gel Implants – These very cohesive silicone gel implants are covered with a very thin layers of polyurethane foam.

The main advantage of using these kinds of implants is that they can pose you a much lowered risk for experiencing a capsular contracture.

Saline Implants – After your breast augmentation doctor has placed the empty implants into your breasts, he will fill them with a solution of sterile salt water.

The saline implants will most likely provide you a rippled feeling in overlying your skin. Some of the patients believe that implants of these kinds don’t feel as natural as compared to the silicone implants.

Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants – These kinds of implants are pre-filled with a silicone gel, which is more closely matched with the feel and look of a natural breast tissue and fat.

These are the kinds of implants that Dr. Rodolfo Castillo always works with.

As your breast augmentation doctor, Dr. Castillo would also like you to know that his breast implant services can come into 2 different shapes; the anatomic and round shape. Each of the shape is available in many different sized, and which size and type your pick is best for you will greatly be based on several number of personal preferences.

For many women, getting breast augmentation is considered as a cosmetic procedure that’s not always necessary. Sure, there are many different reasons as to why you should get a breast augmentation service.

For most people, it’s to help themselves to increase their self-esteem and contribute to improve their everyday moods.

As an outcome, it can still end up as an emotional necessity, especially, if you had undergone the mastectomy, as an outcome from breast cancer surgeries.

No matter what your reasons are, breast augmentation with Dr. Rodolfo Castillo is the best option available for you.

Contact Dr. Castillo Today for the Best Breast Augmentation Service

If you have been wishing to get a breast augmentation service, this is the best time to make you wishes come true.

In order to learn more about the service, call Dr. Castillo now as your breast augmentation doctor in Mexico.

His very friendly office staffs will be glad to answer all your calls, questions, and make your appointment with Dr. Castillo.