8 Celebrities do Breast Augmentation


Top Celebrities that Undergone Breast Augmentation


Top Celebrities that Undergone Breast Augmentation In the showy, appearance-obsessed world of celebrities, plastic surgery has turn out to be ordinary amongst stars or actresses.

Yes, it wasn’t always considered normal and frequent celebrities are condemned for having work done to enhance their body and their looks.

Celebrities who undergo boob job or breast enhancement are frequently targeted by fans, media and even other celebrities.

In respect of those celebrities that took a chance and undergone breast augmentation, below is the list of the most renowned boob job ever.


Pamela Anderson


Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


Quite possibly one of the most popular women to ever have boob job, Pamela’s breast size seemed to enhance in volume in line with her growing popularity.

Whilst the sizes of her breast were taking a point when she played the role of lifeguard in popular TV series Baywatch latest in 1999, she decided to get rid of the implants that she has put in the past.

Another change of mind afterwards led to her again going under the knife to have her breast implants replaced, telling that she did not feel like herself without them.


Sarah Jessica Parker


Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


This popular actress gained her notoriety in TV series Sex and the City, has undergone plastic surgeries which include breast enhancements, and nose job, mole removal as well as fat injection.

It’s alleged that he did breast implants, and seems the size of her breast really changed a lot once you see her previous pictures.

It cannot be that huge because of some costly supportive bras. It looks like her asset increases one to two cups because of enhancement.


Britney Spears


Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


Britney Spears breasts were almost flat when she comes onto the industry as a pop start in her teenager years.

When she went from non-existent to full breasted overnight, fans and media obviously noticed and begun asking questions, however this lady has denied the rumors over and over again.

The biggest rumor about this pop star, otherwise very lovely breast was centered on the fact that this talented artist had the boob job done when only a teenager.

Later she admitted to having has a breast implant; stating she is disappointed, because she was still very young and her breast were still emerging.

At the time of her pregnancy, she downsized her breast implants, however currently Britney was spotted sporting a pair of extremely ample breasts, which cause rumors to revive.

For what it’s worth, she presumably fake boobs are often features on lists of the best breast implants in the show business.


Nicole Kidman


Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


This gorgeous and most admired celebrity has sexy boob shade due to breast enhancement. The size of her breast prior to the surgery is so small, now it is much better.

As opposed to her botox, the breast implant seems to be successful.


Selma Hayek


Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


This Latina celebrity is popular for her looks, sporting gravity-defying body all in right places. When you have followed her career in acting, you might recall a time when she was not almost as well-endowed up top.

Selma’s transition was virtually seamless as the surgery was most probably done well, prior to becoming a superstar, and due to the fact that the rest of her body figure is curvy and so full.

Huge breasts just look ordinary and natural on her.

Even before Selma’s breast implant, she was so proud of her figure, which include her boobs that in the very start weren’t as ginormous as at present.

They weren’t small; Selma has a solid C cup. On the other hand, sometime in her career, Selma changed to a double D, however, the modification seemed natural for her.

Selma’s breast implant is considered one of the most expensive and the best boob job in the world of Hollywood, according to reliable source, her boob jobs cost 10,000 dollars.


Carmen Electra


Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


This celebrity has always been open concerning the fact that she went breast implants surgery.

On the other hand, she has stated in the past that she was talked into getting bigger boobs than she had really wished and it took her a while to become familiar to her new figure.

Her experience shows that any surgery that you’re thinking of getting must be for your own reason as well as not for somebody else.


Jane Seymour


Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


In a conference with US Weekly, this celebrity admitted to having boob jobs, before her starring in the 2005 movie, ‘Wedding Crashers’ together with Owen Wilson.

One of the main reasons for the surgery was that Jane had to do a topless scene in the movie, on the other hand, the breast augmentation were relatively small compare to other celebrity boob jobs and she revealed that her surgeon has to order them in specially.

At the same time as on the subject, she also admitted to having slight eye bag surgery.

Previously she had denied that she had ever had any type surgery, but finally she decided to tell that she had in fact had a boob job.


Hayden Panettiere


Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation


This petite star wished to add extra oomph to her small frame and thought boob jobs will assist a lot to get it done.

This gorgeous lady was always relatively open regarding things people are ashamed by, on the other hand, is not one of those stuffs.

It doesn’t matter if it is because it is really obvious she had something done, or due to the reason that she is not happy of it. Panettiere has been warily keeping away from this particular question.

The reason that after a while the boob job proved to be not so thriving probably did not help either.

A year after the breast implant, different red carpet pictures revealed that this girl’s boobs aren’t doing so well.

They look like apart or not balance, and there’s a something in the middle of the chest. Of course, there’s the classic tell-tale mark of breast augmentation– the ripples.

Breast augmentation is very popular nowadays not just for celebrities but for average women as well.