Breast lift cost in USA , UK and Europ

breast lift cost in USA
breast lift cost in USA


Know breast lift cost in USA , UK and Europ

For anyone who is considering getting a surgery for breast lift, a very simple way to find out if it might be helpful for you is by placing a pencil under your breast and seeing if it stays there.

If it does in fact stay, you can consider breast lift as an option.

On an average, a surgery for breast lift cost $4,377, according to the 2014 statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The breast lift cost can vary significantly depending on the type of lift required and other factors.

The above mentioned average fee does not include associated costs like fees for operating room facilities, anesthesia, and other related expenses.

Similarly, the cost for the procedure done in UK would be around £5,200.

The same procedure can be expected to average approximately 2,390 € in most European countries.

Most of the breast lift procedures are considered to be cosmetic surgeries and hence not medically necessary.

Health insurance companies therefore usually do not cover the breast lift cost unless they have been done as a portion of a mastectomy or breast reconstruction procedure.

You should ideally check with your health insurance provider in advance so that you have clarity on the costs you will need to pay.

Among the most common breast lift procedures is the one known as mastopexy, in which the surgeon is able to reposition the nipple higher up on the chest wall area.

The women can normally get this procedure done on an outpatient basis, therefore not needing an overnight hospital stay.

The procedure is usually approximately 3 hours long and is done under general anesthesia.
Some of the women also do opt to get a breast implant procedure done along with the breast lift.

Your surgeon can examine and describe the options available to you as well as the procedure and its risks in detail.

Age is not a barrier for getting a breast lift surgery done. Also, you can get the procedure done before or after your pregnancy.

You will be able to breast feed your baby after a breast lift procedure if you so desire.

The first step when considering the breast lift procedure is to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

At the consultation, you can explain it to the surgeon what you expect to get from the surgery.

If you also want to opt for getting implants, you can bring along photographs that depict the shape and size of the breasts that you desire.

The surgeon will ideally consider your health and body structure and then describe the options available to you.

The surgeon will also explain in detail and go over with you the risks associated with the surgery and describe the recovery process to you along with the breast lift cost.