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Chin implant surgery with details

Chin implant
Chin implant

Chin implant surgery is a procedure that is performed for reshaping the chin to enhance, reconstruct and revamp the facial features and contours through surgery.

It is also known as facial implants and provides multiple styles, profiles and sizes option to the people looking to restore their facial features and proportions.

Chin implant surgery has many benefits, such as substantial age reduction in looks, positive facial transformation, and boosting the confidence of an individual.

How chin implant surgery is done ?

Chin implants surgery uses the individual’s own bone to augment the chin to ensure that the features remain authentic without inserting any synthetic implant under the skin.

An increasing number of people are doing this surgery along with rhinoplasty to have the most impact on the profile and improved facial characteristics.

Chin implant surgery involves chin implants that are made from solid silicone to ensure long-lasting satisfactory results .

Who should get the chin implant surgery done?

You are certain that you need a chin implant surgery to make it in proportion to rest of your face when you are struggling with any of the below:

A weak and receding chin with a faulty jaw line making your face look out of proportion and unattractive.

  • Your cheeks look dull and there is an urgent need to enhance the fullness.
  • Ageing has made your face lost its contours with sagging skin.
  • Any genetic or birth defect has made you face asymmetric and you need to restore the balance.

Who should you approach for chin implant surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries are very delicate procedures and need highly skilled, qualified and experienced surgeons to do the job.

Chin implant surgery especially need extra precision and care as it involves the most important part of the body that is face.

Once you have decided to undergo this surgery, choosing the best cosmetic surgeon to do the job, is an equally important decision. Ensure that your surgeon is:

  • Highly educated, trained and skilled in performing the chin implant surgery.
  • Your surgeon should be certified as per the regulations needed for cosmetic surgeries.
  • Capable of making you understand the procedure in depth including all the pros and cons without making you uncomfortable.

There are a number of qualified and skilled Surgeons in America who has great expertise in performing such aesthetic procedures including chin implant surgery.

Benefits of Chin implant surgery

There are many advantages of the chin implant surgery other than just fighting aging process. Some of them are listed below:

A more enhanced natural appearance

Chin implant surgery aims to provide a more natural appearance to the facial features by aligning the chin with the rest of the face.

The results of this surgery are very encouraging in both men and women with a more augmented chin that looks proportionate with rest of the face enhancing the overall appearance of the individual.

Give the freedom to customize the looks

One of the major benefits of chin implant surgery is the freedom it allows to the people of customizing their looks as per their preferences.

Changes in the jaw line, augmenting the chin, giving fuller looks to the cheeks are some of the options, the potentials of this surgery can explore with.

Multiple options to choose from

Chin implant surgery enables you to choose from the multiple sizes and shapes of the facial and chin implants as per your preferences.

All you need to do is to consult your cosmetic surgeon and communicate the desirable changes you are looking for.

The chin implants are inserted in a space over the lower jaw bone of an individual for the better alignment and the perfect look of the chin & overall face.

Easy procedure with minimal scarring

Chin implant surgery is generally done by making small incisions below the chin. This is to make sure that scarring is minimal and the changes are not much noticeable.

There is even an option of an intra-oral incision within the mouth so that the scar is not visible at all.

Helps in building self-confidence

A lot of people struggle with self-confidence issues due to the weak or asymmetric chin and other such facial anomalies.

Chin implant surgery is designed to develop balanced facial features for boosting confidence in both men and women.

Anyone feeling self-conscious due to such issues, chin implant surgery can provide the effective solution for improving self-esteem and confidence.

There are definite pros of having chin implant surgery done to permanently augment, or increase the size of the chin. However, there are some cons too, which you need to be aware of. They are discussed below:

Cons of chin implant surgery

Difficult recovery phase:

One of the cons of chin implant surgery is the difficult recovery phase at times post the surgical procedure.

There is a possibility of some swelling, bruising, discomfort in chin area post the surgery. At times, people also feel numbness in the area for some time after the procedure.

It is important to discuss all these symptoms with the cosmetic surgeon in detail for a hassle free and quick recovery.

Healing time and the chances of infection:

Another disadvantage is the time needed to heal the bruises post the surgery and also the possible chances of infection in the treated area.

Although most of the swelling and bruising starts fading within a few days, it can sometimes take few months before the full recovery. Patients need to take utmost care for keeping the area infection free too.

One surgery might not be enough:

It might be possible that even after the chin implant surgery you do not get the desired results in terms of preferred facial features and you might have to do another surgery to compliment it such as rhinoplasty.

What preparations need to be done for chin implant surgery?

Chin implant surgery need thorough pre-planning before the actual procedure is done.

The consultation with the surgeon gives a detailed overview of all the preoperative instructions, dealing the anxiety questions, fitness suitability for the procedure and the thorough check on the medical history.

In addition, the patients will be recommended the following precautionary measures to follow for a successful surgery

  • No smoking or drinking six weeks prior to the surgery as it will be beneficial to the post surgery recovery and healing process.
  • Limited use of all the drugs such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs to ensure there are no medical complications hindering the procedure.
  • Keeping the vitals in check for the best results of the chin implant surgery such as hydration levels, blood pressure, sugar etc.

Cost of chin implant surgery

The cost of chin implant surgery varies depending on the number of factors such as geographical area, surgeons fees, medical tests need to be performed, surgical facility cost, and other miscellaneous costs.

The average cost of chin implant surgery ranges from $2500 to $5000, which may or may not include the cost of anesthesia, medication, the facility cost, and other fees related to the surgery.

Are the results of chin implant surgery long lasting?

Chin implant surgery is designed to give permanent. Most of the patients can expect a lifetime of significantly improved features after facial implant surgeries.