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Everything about fat transfer to buttocks?

Fat transfer to buttocks
Fat transfer to buttocks

Fat transfer to buttocks

When it comes to having the ideal body, our genes are not always offering what we want. As time passes by, we notice that there are parts of the body we would like to have improved.

For many people, having a desirable image means having a beautifully balanced body.

Looking great and loving what you see in the mirror has a significant effect on self-confidence and self-appreciation, so no wonder so many people decide to take advantage of cosmetic surgery to have the body they dream about.

Fat transfer to buttocks is one of the procedures used in plastic surgery, with the purpose of enhancing the appearance of the buttocks.

If you want to learn more about this procedure and see how it can help you improve your image and shape of the body, you just have to continue reading the following lines.

What is fat transfer to buttocks?

Fat transfer to buttocks may sound like a weird procedure, not many people knowing what this is all about. The purpose of this cosmetic method is to offer more volume in the buttock area or the so-called Brazilian buttock lift.

With other word, this procedure will give someone more volume in this part of the body, creating curves that may not be there naturally.

It works by taking fat tissue from some parts of the body and transferring them into the buttocks.

This can be done through injecting the fat or grafting the fat tissue in the new location.

Of course, the fat tissue must be extracted from another area of the body first through liposuction, usually from parts that have more fat than others so that a balance will be create as well.

This fat transfer can be a permanent solution so there isn’t the need to visit the doctor’s office for periodic refills and maintenance.

Who can benefit from this procedure?

The persons that opt for fat transfer to buttocks are usually in need of reshape of this part of the body. They wish to enjoy fuller and rounder buttocks, just like in the case of the famous Brazilian models.

So, if you think about correcting this part of the body or you would just like to have it enhanced, this procedure can help you out.

If you wonder if there are any restrictions when it comes to transferring far from one part of the body into another, you should know that there aren’t so many risks involved in comparison with other methods that use synthetic fillers.

You do need to have fat tissue in some parts of the body, which will allow the filler to be sampled with the purpose of enhancing your buttocks.

If you are rather thin and do not have sufficient fat tissue for the procedure, a donor can be found in this case, although there are less risks if the filling is done by using your own tissue.

Also, the donor will have to go through a set of medical tests to make sure that he or she is in great clinical health and will not present a risk for your health.

Before going through the fat transfer to buttocks procedure, you will have to get checked as well. The doctors need to make sure that you don’t have any circulation problems.

Smoking or other medical conditions can have a detrimental effect on the body’s circulatory system, which is not recommended to be altered if you are looking to transfer fat from one side of the body to another.

This is because the new grafted fat tissue must have its own blood supply in order to remain firm and healthy, so that the buttock augmentation is successful.

Other than that, there aren’t too many risks associated with this type of tissue transfer.

How does it work?

The fat transfer to buttocks is not a complicated procedure because it lasts only a couple of hours, depending on how much fat needs to be removed and transferred into the new area.

Everything starts with the removal of fat cells from your body, which takes places under local anesthesia.

The tissue can be removed from you abdomen, thighs, or even from your buttocks, because they will be lifted and reshaped anyway.

Thus, the local anesthesia is performed in the area of the body that will serve as filler donor.

With the help of a syringe, the doctor will remove the fat tissue and start preparing it for the transfer.

To do this, he needs to separate the fat cells from any fluids that were removed together with the tissue from your body.

This will happen rather quickly; centrifuging being use for this purpose, because due to the rapid spinning of the tissue the fluids will be removed fast and easy.

Once the fat cells are isolated, they are ready to be introduced into the buttocks, through injection as well.

The result is buttocks that are rounder, with a more desirable shape, firmer, and with a lifted position .

Is fat transfer to buttocks safe?

Plastic surgeons consider this procedure very safe, because the filler material is actually tissue from your own body. So, there are no risks for the organism to reject the filler or to develop allergic reactions to it.

Because of this, the fat transfer to buttocks is a procedure that is very well tolerated by the organism, providing results with a natural look, just like you were born with such buttocks.

The invasion is kept to a minimum during the removal of fat cells and their insertion in the new area, the tools that are used for this being relatively small.

So there is practically no scarring. Still, there may be the need to undergo several procedures of the kind until the desire buttocks shape and size will be achieved.

If a lot of fat tissue needs to be transferred in the buttocks for obtaining the required effect, it is recommended for it to be done gradually because large fat tissue transfers can turn to be unsuccessful.

How can fat transfer to buttocks be unsuccessful?

The biggest risk of this procedure is the reabsorption of the fat cells into the body, which means that the effect of the transfer will be significantly diminished.

With other words, the organism will metabolize the fat cells through natural processes, leaving the area that was filled without its much-needed filler.

Of course, it is not mandatory for the body to take fat cells from the newly filled area, but it can happen.

Complications in such cases are very rare, but you will still be monitored by the doctor that performed the procedure to make sure everything evolved naturally.

How long will it take to be fully recovered and what symptoms can appear after the procedure?

The recovery period differs from one person to another and how much fat tissue will be transferred from one place to another.

So, it is best to ask your doctor about the estimate period of recovery, if you want to know for sure how long it will take until you can resume your usual activities.

Your body will need several weeks to completely recover and regain its natural look after the procedure. Swelling is probably the most visible symptom of fat transfer to buttocks, which will gradually reduce in time.

You will receive advice from your doctor about how to best care for the areas where the intervention occurred, to avoid any unwanted effects and symptoms.

In the first week after the procedure, you should be ready to face significant swelling and bruising in the area of your buttocks and the area from where fat cells were removed.

You may want to stay at home during these days and rest, allowing the body to diminish the swelling. In the second week, the bruising will start to fade away and disappear, but the swelling will still be present in a significant degree.

In many cases, there are visible signs of improvement and healing somewhere between the 7th and 10th day since the procedure, although if possible it is best to take 14 days or even more of downtime from work.

In the third week the swelling will be drastically reduced and your body will start to look normal.

You will start appreciating the new way your buttocks look, but do be prepared to face mild swelling for a couple of weeks more, until the area is fully recovered.

How much does fat transfer to buttocks cost?

Fat transfer to buttocks doesn’t come cheap, being more expensive than augmentation with other types of fillers. Still, this procedure offers long lasting effects, in comparison with other methods that have the same purpose.

The costs can be influenced by how much fat needs to be transferred, by the corrections that need to be made, and if you need one or multiple sessions to have your dream buttocks.

Also, do have in mind that costs vary from one city to another and from one clinic to another. In average, the cost of such an intervention is around $4500.

But, again, the costs may go up depending on your needs and desired results and where you choose to have the procedure performed.

Still, do some research before choosing a clinic just because it is cheaper, and look for opinions and feedback from former patients of that doctor.