Know About Forehead Lift Surgery

Forehead Lift Surgery
Forehead Lift Surgery

Forehead Lift Surgery

The Best Solution in Eliminating Deep Frown Lines Are you among those that are too bothered due to wrinkles, frown lines and some other signs of aging around the brow and in the forehead?

If yes, then you could be one of the candidates to ever consider a forehead lift surgery.

What is forehead lift surgery?

This is also known as a browplasty which is a plastic surgery procedure wherein it could improve the appearance of the forehead through tightening excess loose skin as well as modifying the drooping brows.

Those individuals that are looking for ways to remove the deepest forehead furrows as well as frown lines or to reposition the sagging brow might benefit from this surgery.

Procedure In order to lift the forehead, the surgeon would tighten the loose skin of the forehead and would excise the excess through the surgical cut behind the hairline that runs across the top of the head.

There are some cases wherein the incision is being placed above the eyebrows. As for the purpose of changing the location and also the shape of the eyebrows then the surgeon would use temporal lift wherein an incision is being made at the temple area of the scalp.

The healthcare provider would pull up the lateral half of the eyebrow to raise the brows into a more youthful position.

Forehead lift will also eliminate the crow’s feet into the side of the eyes and also the creases which develop between the eyes or the glabelar area.

In addition, this forehead lift surgery is being performed under twilight anaesthesia, heavy IV sedation or general anaesthesia and the entire operation would typically take one up to two hours in order to be completed.

Who are qualified?

This kind of surgery is indeed of great option for those individuals that are physically healthy and have positive outlook as well as realistic understanding about the procedure and the outcome and so must be non-smokers too.

The said procedure is definitely recommended to those in the age of forty to sixty five but earlier age might as well consider forehead lift surgery.

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Discomfort and Risks You might as well experience temporary discomfort that could be controlled along with proper medications. And some of these discomforts are the following:

Eye irritation Intense or numbness itching along the incisions Swelling and bruising Dryness in the eyes Skin discoloration Temporary hair loss on the site of incision Recovery Bandages that are being wrapped around the forehead could minimize the swelling as well as bruising once forehead lift is removed within one to three days.

The stitches that closed the incisions are removed usually within seven up to ten days.

Most of the patients are capable of resuming normal activities in one or two weeks after the forehead lift surgery.

But, you are also advised to avoid rigorous activities for almost a longer period of time.

Indeed, it is important to follow the instructions of the physicians on whether how to take care for yourself right after the surgery in order for it to be considered as successful.