Lip Augmentation Side Effects

Lip Augmentation
Lip Augmentation

Side effects for lip augmentation

Lip augmentation can provide you with a unique, impressive way to beautify your appeal and they can also make you look a lot younger at times.

Plus, doing lip augmentations can help you get a better self-esteem and they might even make you a little bit happier by improving your look a little bit.

But there are some lip augmentation side effects that you need to know. You should consider these before you check out the procedure.

Since more lip augmentation side effects come from the hyaluronic acid fillers used during the procedure, the first side effects you will feel include things like bruising, swelling, some bleeding on the injection site and tenderness or redness in that area.

However, these are only a few minor side effects. These are quite common for just about any other cosmetic procedure that you perform near your lips.

It’s not alarming to deal with this type of problems, so just make sure that you talk with your doctor to see how you can address these in any way you can.

Major side effects

What we mentioned earlier were some of the simpler lip augmentation side effects.

However, there are some major side effects that can appear at times after the procedure takes place.

So it can be very hard to pinpoint where these problems come from and how you can address them in a proper manner.

Thankfully, you always have solutions you can use to deal with the problem as fast as possible. Here you have the serious side effects that can appear from lip augmentation.

  • Lip stiffening, scarring or ulceration can appear quite fast and it will continue to damage your lip for quite some time. As you can imagine, you should try to address the situation as fast as possible
  • Lip infections can also be caused by lip augmentation
  • Allergies that are caused by itching, redness and swelling in the lip area
  • Tissue loss caused by blood vessel injections
  • Asymmetry of your lips. This can make it hard for you to ingest food and it can also be damaging from an esthetics standpoint, which is why you have to keep that in mind.
  • Lip lumps will appear after a while and it’s one of the most demanding lip augmentation side effects out there.
  • Prolonged, severe swelling that can last around 10 days or more

As you can see, there are many lip augmentation side effects that you can deal with very often. It will be a very problematic experience for sure if you don’t address it properly.

This is why we recommend you to talk with your doctor and ensure that all precautions are taken so you will not develop any lip augmentation side effects.

These are rare, but people can develop them at times so it’s crucial to work closely with your doctor in order to prevent their disappearance.

Keep that in mind as it will help you stay safe in the long term! That’s exactly what you need if you want to acquire the very best results after the lip augmentation surgery!