Every Thing About Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation
Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

When it comes about the perfect characteristics our body should have, Mother Nature is not always that generous. We may receive some of them, but not all of them.

So, you may have beautiful breasts or a taller figure, but your lips may be thin. Luckily, if you would like something to be improved about yourself, today you have efficient means to do so.

So, for instance, if you don’t like how your lips look, through lip augmentation you can enjoy the full lips you always wanted to have.

You are about to learn everything you know about lip augmentation and see if this procedure will suit your needs and expectancies.

What is lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a procedure, in the domain of plastic surgery, which is meant to offer plumper and fuller lips to persons that are not satisfied with the current shape and size of their lips.

Even if the procedure will be performed by a plastic surgeon or doctor specialized in cosmetic methods, lip augmentation is a method with minimum invasion.

The latest procedure that results in fuller lips assumes injections with various dermal fillers.

These injections will be made on the spot and will provide plumper lips for a period of time.

Although there are several dermal fillers that can be used, for correcting the shape and size of the lips, the most common fillers are the ones that have a similar composition with hyaluronic acid.

This type of acid is naturally found in the human body, so it is the safest way to make sure that no unwanted side effects will appear once the procedure is completed and the filled is in your tissue.

Besides injections with hyaluronic acid, the ones with fat tissue or even implants are used for augmenting the lips.

Still, these last two examples are not very much used today, because they imply a higher number of risks than other, more recent methods.

Once the dermal filler is introduce in the lips, the obtained results last for approximately six months.

After this period, you will have to do more injections if you want to maintain the shape of your lips. So, this procedure is not permanent, as it requires periodic maintenance for you to enjoy fuller lips.

How is it work?

If you decided that you need fuller lips, the procedure can be made fast and easy in the office of the doctor.

There is little downtime after the lip augmentation has been completed or even no downtime at all in some cases.

Hyaluronic acid is usually the type of filler that produces the least reactions and allows the area to heal faster.

The doctor will only have to inject the dermal filler, using fine needles, in point areas around your lips. The injections will correct the contour and volume of the lips.

Things change though, in the case of fat injections. This will involve a liposuction procedure prior to your lip augmentation intervention, as your doctor will take fat from another part of your body, which will be injected in your lips.

Before the injections are made, the doctor will apply a numbing agent or local topical cream with the same effect, to diminish the discomfort created by the injections.

So, you will not feel anything during the procedure. If the patient is very sensitive, injections that will numb the nerves in the lips can also be performed, this will make the lips be senseless for a period of time.

These nerve numbing injections are very similar to the ones you get in the dentist office, which numb your mouth and make you feel nothing during a procedure.

Before performing the injections, the doctor will also mark the areas where they will be performed, for increased precision.

Even if the needles will be very fine, the doctor may apply ice on the area, to reduce the incidence of swelling and reduce any immediate discomfort.

The difference will be noticed in minutes after the procedure is done and you will be able to enjoy your new fuller lips before even walking out of the doctor’s office. Also, in just a few days, your lips will be entirely natural and normal.

What are the risks and side-effects of lip augmentation?

Even if it is an intervention with minimum invasion, lip augmentation still has some side-effects and risks.

If the treatment is made by using hyaluronic acids, due to their high resemblance with natural substances that are found in your body, the side-effects are minimal and they last only a few days, after the completion of the procedure.

Some of the most common side-effects are bleeding from the areas where the injections have been performed, bruising and swelling of the lips, and tenderness and redness in the injection areas around the lips.

Still, there are also more severe side-effects that can occur after a lip augmentation intervention.

If you notice any of the following aspects occurring in your case, you should immediately contact your doctor. Severe effects that may follow such a procedure can be bruising and severe swelling, which last more than 10 days.

Also, lip asymmetry, which means that parts of the lips are different, is considered a serious side-effect as well.

Lumps and irregularities in the lips, infections, ulceration, scarring, stiffening, and allergic reactions, which can be itching, swelling, and redness, are other side-effects considered to be worrying.

And, if you have a fever as well, occurring shortly after the lip augmentation procedure is another reason to contact the doctor right away.

What are the costs of this intervention?

A lip augmentation intervention’s cost can vary a lot, as it depends on a number of factors. The costs are influenced by the type of procedure chosen by the patient and the doctor.

You can opt between dermal fillers, what kind of dermal fillers, fat injections, or even implants.

These methods can have different results and different time spans concerning how much the effect will last over time.

Also, the experience and reputation of the doctor will influence the price as well.

If you wish for this procedure to be made by a famous and experienced doctor, who uses only the latest methods in the domain, be prepared to pay a bit more than usual.

Still, if you want to know that you are on the safe side, it is best to only look for doctors that have a great reputation in this field, who also have former patients that are satisfied by their intervention.

The location where you reside can also influence the total cost of lip augmentation, as you may have to travel and find accommodation if you want to have the procedure done in a particular clinic that is further away from you.

Another factor that influences the costs of lip augmentation is the quantity of material that will be used, especially in the case of lip fillers.

In most cases, patients will not require more than a syringe or two, of dermal filler.

In these cases, the prices of the intervention can vary between $500 and $2000. Still, do be ready to pay for more, in case the doctor will get to the conclusion that you may need more.

This depends on the initial shape and condition of your lips and the desired result.

Also, don’t expect for your health insurance to cover for such an intervention, as health insurances do not usually cover for cosmetic surgery procedures.

If you want to undergo a lip augmentation intervention, make sure you fully understand what the total costs are and if the doctor you chose can offer you a payment plan, which will help you make the payment easier.

How to find the best doctor for lip augmentation?

As you found out, even if it is not a complicated procedure, lip augmentation can come along with a number of risks and unwanted side-effects.

The doctor you choose should have experience and the right qualifications when it comes to performing lip augmentation injections.

A person that does not have the needed experience can subject you to a great deal of risks when making these injections.

So, your search for the right doctor should start with a research about the doctor’s education and training, details that will tell you whether he has what it takes to perform lip augmentation procedures.

Being certified by a board or being a member of a medical association that reflects his specialty is a plus, because this shows that the doctor’s training and experience is acknowledged by institutions with a great authority in the medical field. A

lso, check out the number of lip augmentation injections that doctor made and if his former patients formulated any complaints about the intervention and effects after the completion of the intervention.

The best way to check the former work and activity of the doctor, in the field of lip augmentation, is to ask the doctor to show you picture of before and after his former patients. All reputable doctors will have a portfolio with such images, as a proof of their work.

If you are not happy with the results you see, you may need to keep looking for the best doctor.