Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction
Male breast reduction

Male breast reduction

We are all used to seeing breasts in women, but there are cases where such anatomic formations appear on the body of a man.

When such a thing happens, it doesn’t mean that the man is transforming into a woman or that his testosterone levels are low.

The appearance of the so-called male breasts is actually a malfunction of the endocrine system, which leads to the development of small bumps on the chest, very similar to breasts.

Fortunately, this physical aspect of a man’s chest, which is undesirable by most men, can be corrected through surgery.

Male breast reduction is the procedure that will reduce the presence of male breasts, restoring the natural look of a man’s chest.

If you are interested by this subject, just keep reading and find out more about this affection and how it can be corrected through male breast reduction.

What is breast reduction for men?

Some men may want to opt for male breast reduction, especially if they suffer from gynaecomastia.

Due to this condition or because of weight gain, men develop fatty tissue accumulation around their nipples, which is very similar to women’s breasts.

The breast reduction surgery for men is the solution in case a man wishes to remove these fatty deposits or when he wishes to tighten the skin on his chest, which can end up sagging after losing a lot of weight.

Still, even so, it is not recommended to remove breasts in men that are caused by overweight, until the man decides to lose significant weight.

The surgery is a correctional one indeed, but those deposits of fatty tissue may grow back in time if a man does not decide to change his lifestyle and adjust his diet.

male breast reduction
male breast reduction

Why men do this surgery?

As mentioned before, men can grow formations that are similar to breasts because of significant weight gain or because of gynaecomastia.

Because breasts are mainly composed out of fatty tissue, very many extra pounds can lead to the development of these deposits even in the case of men.

When it comes to gynaecomastia, on the other hand, the situation presents itself in a different manner.

This is a disorder of the endocrine system, which means that there are certain hormonal unbalances in the body of a man or boy that leads to the formation of male breast.

In most of the cases, which is approximately 70%, gynaecomastia is manifesting in the case of boys during the puberty period.

Because of the hormonal changes that happen during this period, young boys may experience breast growing.

Besides adolescents, this can happen in the case of newborns as well, also due to hormonal changes.

Still, in many cases this condition is temporary, remaining a visible problem only when the hormonal unbalances remain to be permanent in the body.

But even so, gynaecomastia is rather frequent among mature men as well, an estimate of approximately 50% of men in American suffering from this condition in various degrees, at some point during their life.

This happens because this condition can manifest at any age. So even if a man did not have gynaecomastia during puberty, he can have it anytime during his life.

Thus, men do this surgery to remove enlarged men breasts, especially if they are produced by this health condition.

At the moment, male breast reduction surgery is the only treatment for gynaecomastia that provides the desired results for a long term.

It is also a great surgery to have after significant weight loss, for removing the excess tissue that may be sagging.

Removing male breasts is a confidence booster for many men, because they end up having sufficient confidence to go shirtless for the first time in many years since suffering from enlarged men breasts.

What does a male breast reduction surgery involves?

In most cases, the surgery is done under complete anesthesia, so the patient won’t feel anything or be aware of what is happening during the procedure.

After the anesthesia starts being effective, an incision or cut is made around the nipple.

After this, by using liposuction, the surgeon will start removing the excess fat that was deposited in the area, significantly reducing the volume of the male breasts.

In case there is a lot of fatty tissue that has to be removed from the breasts, the incision may be extended and the nipples repositioned once the procedure is completed.

The entire surgery takes approximately 90 minutes. Also, there is the need for overnight hospitalization, so that the patient is kept under observation until the effects of the anesthesia fade away completely and the doctors make sure that everything is alright.

Male breast reduction risks and side effects 

The male breast reduction surgery is extremely safe and there aren’t many side effects to endure once the procedure ended.

Still, because an incision and liposuction is involved, the area around the nipples and chest will feel sore for a few weeks after the surgery.

Also, scars will remain as a sign of the surgery, which will pass in a matter of months. In most cases, men that undergo this surgery usually have small scars around the nipples.

But in cases of a more significant surgery, where a lot of tissue has to be removed, there will be scars around the breast area as well, both vertically and horizontally.
Like any other surgery, the male breast reduction surgery comes with a set of risks as well, even if they rarely occur.

The problems that may appear as a result of taking this surgery can be thick and visible scaring of the breasts, breasts and nipples that result uneven after the surgery, healing problems of the wounds, the sensations of the nipples can be lost, a haematoma or bleeding inside the tissue of the breast may occur, especially in the first 24 hours, and there may be bruises developing, together with lumps, and swelling.

Other risks include excessive bleeding from the wound area, the development of an infection due to an open wound, an unexpected allergic reaction to the anesthetic used for the surgery, and the formation of blood clots inside the veins.

Of course, a responsible surgeon will always present these risks to a patient, especially if that person has health conditions that may increase these risks, and also present the treatment for each and every risk of this kind, in case they do occur.

How about the recovery after such an intervention?

Even though they are not that invasive as other cosmetic surgeries, the make breast reduction surgery will require several weeks of recovery.

Of course, the recovery time depends on the organism of each person, but a couple of weeks are usually needed to return to your daily activities after such an intervention.

A few days off from work are needed as well, because you won’t be able to perform regular daily activities immediately after the surgery.

Also, do have in mind that several months may have to pass until you will manage to see the full results of the surgery.

There are cases in which a patient will have to wait for 6 months even before being able to enjoy the benefits of the surgery.

To minimize the discomfort produced by the surgery, a special garment will be needed for wearing day and night, for several weeks after the surgery.

How much to keep such a garment on? This depends on how fast the wounds heal, so the period may vary from one patient to another.

In the first week or more, the stitches around the wound will dissolve or will have to be removed at the clinic, depending on the type of stitches that were used by your doctor.
During the recovery period, to avoid any unwanted discomfort, it is recommended to avoid stretching, lifting weights of any kind, and strenuous physical exercises.

All these should be avoided for the coming 6 months. Concerning driving a car, this can be done when it is no longer painful or uncomfortable to wear a seatbelt across the chest.

This means that you should be able to resume driving within a few weeks.

What are the costs of such an intervention?

The costs of a make breast reduction surgery can vary a lot, depending on where the patient decides to have the surgery, how significant the surgery will be, if the patient needs local or general anesthesia, and other factors.

But, the price range is somewhere between $4000 and $7000, although it can be a bit more expensive if the patient requires skin removal as well, usually needed in the case of significant weight loss when the male breasts can result in sagging skin.

Because it is a surgery and it has risks, don’t jump into having the cheapest make breast reduction surgery that comes your way.

Do some research and find out the training, qualifications, and experience of a surgeon before doing the surgery, and what other patients have to say about their experience with a particular surgeon.