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Cosmetic surgery among men has lost its stigma in recent years and has risen greatly in popularity.

Of all the forms of plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is the most requested among men, with male rhinoplasty accounting for nearly a quarter of all nose jobs.

Between 10-15% of all rhinoplasty patients go on to have revision rhinoplasty, whereby the patient undergoes additional surgery to further refine the nose or to correct errors resulting from a primary rhinoplasty operation.


Among male rhinoplasty patients, this figure is higher with men being generally more dissatisfied with the end result than female patients.

In more challenging surgeries, for instance ethnic rhinoplasty where the surgeon must skillfully deliver the patient’s ideal nose while protecting the ethnicity of the face, there is an even greater incidence of dissatisfaction and depression among male patients.

Male Asian rhinoplasty patients are statistically most likely to require secondary rhinoplasty.


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Therefore, locating a good rhinoplasty surgeon is especially imperative for male patients, particularly if they have ethic heritage.


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There is a general consensus among plastic surgeons that when it comes to successful male rhinoplasty it is best to adhere to the less is more rule.

An overtly operated nose can look out of place on a female face but is likely to seem even more so on a man, where a subtler change usually looks best.

Over operating on a make nose can also risk feminizing it, in the hands of a less competent surgeon.

The goal should be to remove undesirable characteristics, such as an over-pronounced dorsal hump, while building a strong masculine, but above all, natural looking nose.

Finding a good surgeon requires extensive research.

It is highly recommended that you opt for a board certified surgeon.
Certifying boards differ in their requirements for medical education experience and training so it is important to know which boards are considered reputable.

It is also wise to spend time reading literature and reading the websites of as many different clinics as possible.

Most clinics provide before and after pictures of rhinoplasty operations, showing a surgeon’s skill in catering for a range of people based on ethnicity and gender.

Individual surgeons may also vary in their approach to rhinoplasty techniques, so researching a wide range of clinics means you are more likely to find the best surgeon with the skills to give you the nose you want.

Once you have found a reputable surgeon or clinic, your next step should be to book a consultation.
The surgeon will be able to assess your needs and discuss what can realistically be achieved.

Most clinics have computer software which allows you to see a mockup of what your nose could look like after rhinoplasty surgery.

If you are comfortable with the surgeon and are certain that you wish to proceed, a date can be set for surgery and a preliminary appointment booked for pre-operative preparations.

In both sexes, there is no such thing as an ideal nose.

The most successful result of rhinoplasty is to achieve a nose which is in balance with the rest of the face and looks harmonious.

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