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Plastic surgery in San Antonio

Plastic surgery San Antonio
Plastic surgery San Antonio


Plastic surgery in San Antonio


San Antonio is the second most populous city in the Texas state, which means that there are higher chances to find great services here than in any other city of this state.

If you need plastic surgery, the numerous plastic surgery clinics and doctors with an extensive experience in the domain can be found here.

It doesn’t matter what procedure you may need, because plastic surgery in San Antonio is highly developed and follows the latest standards.

It won’t be hard to find the services you need and a doctor to trust here. If you want to find out more about plastic surgery in San Antonio, all you have to do is read the following lines.
Plastic surgery centers in San Antonio :


Peter Fisher MD Plastic Surgery Center


Doctor Peter Fishes
Doctor Peter Fishes

Doctor Peter Fishes is a board-certified plastic surgeon, who is working in the plastic surgery field for decades, providing excellent services for plastic surgery in San Antonio since 1990.

He specializes in body contouring after massive weight loss, like body lifts and removing excess skin, but other cosmetic surgery procedures can be found at his clinic as well.

This doctor’s mission is to help people that decided to lead a healthy life to regain their self-confidence. It is very easy to take a look at the doctor’s activity and results, because on the web page of his clinic there are numerous pictures of his former patients.

This way, you can see how the patients looked before getting the treatment proposed by Dr. Fisher and how they look after their massive transformation.


So, besides body contouring after weight loss, Dr. Peter Fisher can also provide regular body contouring, for correcting various physical defects, breast enhancement, breast lifting, and breast reduction in case of pendulous breasts, face lift surgery, ear repairing procedures, liposuctions, and various skin rejuvenations treatments.


The costs of Dr. Fisher’s clinic services are highly competitive. You can find a guideline below for these prices, but do have in mind that these are general estimates. The final price may vary depending on several factors when tailoring the best solution in your case.


Lower Body Lift surgery: between $12,000 and $14,000;
Thigh Lift: $10,000;
Breast Augmentation/Lift: $10,000;
Breast Lift: $7,000;
Arm Lift: $6,000;
Breast Augmentation: $5,000.


Lawton Plastic Surgery


Dr. Gary Lawton
Dr. Gary Lawton

Started and managed by Dr. Gary Lawton, this clinic provides personalized treatments for each patient, according to the philosophy of Dr. Lawton. If you are looking for plastic surgery in San Antonio, you will be surprised of the services offered by Dr. Lawton.

He is extremely interesting in listening to your concerns and needs, so he will come up the best treatment solution that will fit you and deliver the expected results.

The center is a full-certified ambulatory surgery center, so you can be sure that all standards of safety and quality are respected here.

Also, you can go through the photo gallery of the clinic on their website, to check on the results obtained by the doctor in the patients that allowed their photos to be published.


This clinic of plastic surgery in San Antonio provides a wide array of cosmetic surgery procedures. You can choose anything you may need from liposuction, arm lift, tummy tuck, complete mommy makeover, breast lift, breast enhancement, breast reduction, eyelid surgery, neck liposuction, lip augmentation, Botox and Juvederm treatments.

They also have special procedures for men, like liposuction and male breasts correction.
If you want to know how much will it cost to get a plastic surgery at this clinic, it is best to schedule an appointment and have a specialized consultation first.

This way, Dr. Lawton will assess what you need and what are the real results that can be achieved, also offering you a free quote of how the costs will look like. These costs will include anesthesia, operating room and surgeon fees, but also costs connected to lab tests and surgical vitamins if needed.


Decherd Plastic Surgery


Michael E. Decherd
Michael E. Decherd

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Michael E. Decherd is the founder of Decherd Plastic surgery found in San Antonio, Texas.

He managed to create quite a reputation in the area, being known as one of the best surgeons of plastic surgery in San Antonio. He dedicated most of his activity in helping women feel beautiful and confident again, especially after significant weight loss and childbirth.

The results achieved by this cosmetic surgeon are natural and beautiful, a fact that made him so much appreciated by his patients.


The clinic of Dr. Decherd offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, which cover all the areas of the body. Depending on what you need, you will find here procedures destined for face, breasts, mommy makeover, rhinoplasty, eyes, and skin.

You will enjoy the best plastic surgery in San Antonio your money can buy.
Speaking of prices, the average costs of cosmetic surgery procedures at this clinic are according to the following list.


Facelift: between $6000 and $15000;
Brow lift: between $4000 and $7000;
Ear surgery: between $3000 and $5000;
Neck lift: between $5000 and $8000;
Neck liposuction: between $2000 and $4500;
Breast augmentation: between $5400 and $6700;
Breast lift: between $4500 and $6000;
Breast reduction: between $5000 and $10000;
Breast augmentation with lift: between $9000 and $12000;
Mommy makeover: between $8000 and $17000;
Liposuction: between $2500 and $9500;
Tummy tuck: between $7000 and $12500;
Mini tummy tuck: between $4500 and $5700;
After weight loss surgery: between $8500 and $15000;
Thigh lift: between $5500 and $10000;
Buttocks augmentation: between $5000 and $10000;
Arm lift: between $5000 and 6500;


Barone Plastic Surgery


Dr. Constance M. Barone
Dr. Constance M. Barone

The clinic opened and managed by Dr. Constance M. Barone is one of the most impressive when it comes to plastic surgery in San Antonio.

The clinic is not just a cosmetic surgery facility, but also a spa facility and top notch office dedicated to beauty.

Dr. Barone did her best to make her patients feel comfortable and well cared for here, regardless of their needs and requirements. For the conditions, services, and benefits you get at this clinic, the prices are more than affordable.

Also, you will receive a complimentary consultation from Dr. Barone, to make sure that you are choosing that is best for you and your wellbeing.

The clinic is equipped with the latest equipment and technology, so that each even every intervention is done with maximum precision and minimum scaring.

Dr. Constance Barone is a known professional of plastic surgery in San Antonio that entwines science and technology with art.


The clinic provides an extensive range of services that include breast augmentation and enlargement, breast lift and implants, breast reduction both for women and men, liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, arm lift, buttocks lift, thigh lift, after weight loss lift, full body lift, facelift, rhinoplasty, eye lift, brow lift, lip augmentation, facial implants, and quick lift.

The clinic also offers a number of non-surgical procedures, like injectable treatments, derma fillers, laser skin treatment, fat transfer, and other cosmetic procedures. Still, the clinic is also known for providing transgender surgical procedures, which will help a person define who they really are.


Concerning the costs of procedures at this clinic, it is best to contact the clinic and tell the medical team where what you need.

Dr. Barone is known for doing her best to provide treatments within a budget, while also meeting the requirements of her patients. Also, there are several financing options offered by the clinic, so it is worth checking them out.


Elizabeth Harris Plastic surgery


Dr. Elizabeth Harris
Dr. Elizabeth Harris

Dr. Elizabeth Harris is a very reputable surgeon of plastic surgery in San Antonio. For more than two decades, she’s been helping women be more beautiful and self-confident with the help of her expertise and attention to details.

She also dedicated her entire activity to preserving the natural beauty of women, using medicine and science to help them regain the gorgeous balance of their bodies.

Dr. Harris’s specialties are breast and body contouring, although she can provide other types of cosmetic surgery as well. Besides being a great plastic surgeon, Dr. Harris has paintings as her hobby, creating amazing artworks in her spare time.

Most certainly her artistic vision helped her sculpt the bodies of so many patients close to perfection, the high number of satisfied women being proof of this aspect.
The procedures available at the clinic are breast surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck, and mommy makeover.

She is much appreciated by patients because she has a comforting and calming attitude, while doing her best to make her patients feel well care for. Also, depending on the patient’s needs and requirements, Dr. Harris will provide a tailored solution.


If we are to look at the costs of procedures in Dr. Harris’s clinic, they are rather affordable. But, because she creates treatments that are personalized, based on the condition of the patient and required results, it is best to make an appointment and discuss with

Dr. Harris about your expectancies and desires. Most certainly she will be able to provide the best solution that fits your budget.