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Plastic surgery in Seattle , centers and cost

Plastic surgery in Seattle
Plastic surgery in Seattle

Plastic surgery in Seattle

Seattle is the biggest city of the Northwest Pacific area of the United States, a gorgeous city that is the home of so many artists and celebrities.

So, in such an urban environment, it is only normal for the plastic surgery in Seattle to flourish.

There are very many plastic surgery centers here and as many extremely appreciated surgeons that can help anyone regain their physical beauty.

It is not hard to find clinics of plastic surgery in Seattle, as it is harder to make up your mind when it comes to the best clinic for you.

The following lines are meant to help you out, offering information about some of the most appreciated plastic surgery centers in the city.


Plastic surgery centers in Seattle


Seattle Plastic Surgery Center

Managed by Dr. Robert M. Grenley, this is probably one of the finest centers of plastic surgery in Seattle. The clinic has the latest equipments and technology for the best care, and the best trained staff members that will make sure you are taken care of from start to end.

Dr. Robert Grenley was always interested in painting and sculpting, appreciating doing something beautiful with his hands.

Also, he was interested in symmetries and balance, so it was only natural for him to pursue a career in the plastic surgery domain. Working in the private practice of Seattle since 1985, Dr.Grenley accumulated a lot of experience during his activity, ending up one of the most appreciated plastic surgeons in the city.

Perhaps his permanent attention for details made him so successful, because Dr. Grenley never leaves something by chance, always being focused to deliver the best results for every surgery.


The procedures available at this clinic include breast augmentation, lift, reduction, and implant revision; tummy tuck, liposuction, and mommy makeover; brow lift, chin surgery, eyelid surgery, and face lift.

Also, there is a list of non-surgical procedures that can be provided as well, like Botox, Juvederm, injectable fillers, and Latisse. You can pick any of these services depending on what you need, but it is always best to discuss with Dr. Grenley before making a decision, because his expertise will help you make the best decision by offering the best solution in your case.


The costs of the procedures offered by this clinic can vary a lot, so it is best to make an appointment and have a conversation with the doctor. This way, your condition will be assessed and an adequate solution will be found, together with the most accessible price possible.


Rand Cosmetic Surgery

A double board certified surgeon, Dr. Richard Rand is definitely a well-known figure of the plastic surgery in Seattle domain. Through his private practice, Dr. Rand is helping so many people that live in Seattle and surrounding areas have the appearance they always wanted.

He comes from a family of doctors, being the fourth generation that continues with serving people through medicine in the best way possible. Even if his father and grandfather were neurosurgeons, Dr. Rand decided to dedicate his attention to cosmetic surgery, inspired by his mother’s attraction towards art.

So, today, he creates art with the help of medical advances and technologies, helping everyone enjoy a beautifully sculpted body and face.


The procedures offered by the Dr. Rand’s clinic include breast augmentation, lift, and reduction; tummy tuck, liposuction, and mommy makeover; facelift and eyelid surgery; and a variety of skin treatments that are non-invasive, like lip augmentation, Botox, laser hair removal, and more.

So, as you can see, there are top solutions here that will make you look younger and more beautiful, through both invasive and non-invasive methods, depending on your needs.


Dr. Rand may not be among the cheapest plastic surgeons in Seattle, but great services don’t come cheap. He is not the most expensive either, but you should expect to pay more for quality services.

The prices may vary a lot, depending on your requirements and how your body looks. Because there are several factors that can influence the costs, it is most recommended to make an appointment with Dr. Rand and talk about what you need.

This way, he will get to see how complex the treatment will be and will be able to approximate the costs.


Sound Plastic Surgery

Sound Plastic Surgery is a clinic managed by two amazing surgeons. Dr. Joshua Cooper and Dr. Scott Sattler are the two plastic surgeons that managed to make this clinic reach the tops of plastic surgery in Seattle.

Both of the doctors are board certified and members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. They dedicate a lot of care and attention to every patient they have, making sure they receive the best treatment.

Even if their private clinic has many staff members that could help out, these two doctors like taking care of matters personally.

So even something simple as Botox injections are treated with maximum responsibility, being performed by the doctors themselves. This is a sign that shows just how important customer satisfaction is for them, together with delivering the highest quality services.

It is enough to look at the feedback provided by their former patients to realize that these two doctors are indeed drive to obtaining the best results, while protecting the health and wellbeing of their patients.


The list of procedures offered by Sound Plastic Surgery is quite consistent and it includes: face lift, neck lift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, facial implants, eyelid surgery, breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast implant, liposuction, tummy tuck, fat grafting, and hair restoration surgery.

But also include chemical peels, Botox, Juvederm, Sculptra, and other non-invasive beauty treatments. The moment you will walk into the office of one of these doctors, you will be treated as a unique individual. Your needs and desires will be heard and the best solution will be provided by these experienced, skilled, and talented surgeons.


When it comes to costs, it is hard to determine a standard cost because each and every patient needs something else. Still, Dr. Cooper and Dr. Sattler try to raise awareness that high quality procedures and excellent medical services will not be cheap.

This does not mean that their prices will be through the roof. It means that the price for a plastic surgery procedure that will deliver the best results and won’t endanger your health and wellbeing will reflect its quality.

They do not recommend going for the cheapest offer, because once cosmetic surgery is done badly, there is nothing much you can do about it to correct the damages.


Shahram Salemy Plastic Surgery

One of the top plastic surgeons in America, as declared since 2006, Dr. Shahram Salemy is a very well-known name in the domain of plastic surgery in Seattle. He is known for the fact that he uses the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery, always being up to date with the latest news and breakthroughs.

Also, he uses his experience and expertise to tailor each treatment according to the requirements and needs of every patient, providing a personalized solution for each of them. The results Dr. Salemy are long lasting and the health and wellbeing of the patient are always protected.


Being among the top doctors in plastic surgery in Seattle, Dr. Salemy offers a wide array of procedures that fit all needs. Among we can mention breast augmentation, breast lift, breast augmentation with lift, breast reduction, and breast revision; reduction of male breasts, tummy tuck, liposuction, mommy makeover, and body contouring; Brazilian but lift, lip augmentation, facelift, rhinoplasty, brow lift, and eyelid lift. Also, there are available a number of non-surgical beauty treatments, like Botox, Juvederm, and more.


Concerning the prices of the procedures offered by Dr. Salemy, they may be a bit above average, but they include aspects that are not covered by most clinics. For instance, in case of a breast augmentation with lift, the price of the total intervention may range somewhere around $13,000. The total cost includes breast augmentation, breasts lift, silicone implants, the fee for the surgery facility and anesthesia.

It also includes insurance for short term, just in case anything turns out wrong and the patient will need hospitalization. This is something that most clinics are not offering. You will have to pay for the consultation prior to the surgery, $100 more or less, and to make a deposit, of at least $500, both sums being cut down from the total price of the surgery that just previously mentioned.

So, having in mind that you are going to be taken care of by a doctor with a lot of experience in the field and will enjoy the latest techniques of plastic surgery in Seattle available at the moment, the price is more than reasonable. Just have in mind that some procedures, like breast augmentation, are prone to leaving scars, so finding a surgeon that knows that is doing will minimize the apparition of scars at the location of the surgery.