Know About 4 Rhinoplasty Types


what is rhinoplasty types ?

Cosmetic surgery is so popular that thousands of people have some form of it done each year. With the need to feel and look perfect, the pressure is on to be the most attractive person around.

Some people are more concerned with the way their body looks, other people are more concerned about their facial features.

One of the most commonly changed features on the face is the nose. You would be surprised about the number of people who have had a rhinoplasty.
In the rhinoplasty procedure, the nose is surgically reconstructed to look more appealing.

Rhinoplasty doesn’t have to be done for purely cosmetic reasons. It can also be used to correct certain respiratory problems that are caused by structural defects to the cartilage and bones of the nose.

Teenagers as young as 14 years old can receive rhinoplasty. According to ASPS, at least 24% of nose jobs are done on males. The procedure is very popular and men are getting them more frequently.

Since you are going to be changing the size and shape of your nose, you are also changing the way your other facial features appear.

Instead of having multiple procedures done, a nose job can give the impression that several procedures were performed.

Many people who have a rhinoplasty are more confident in their appearance and have a much higher level of self-esteem. Here, you will learn the 4 common rhinoplasty types.

Post Traumatic Rhinoplasty

An injury to the nose can damage the bones and cartilage as well as it can affect one’s appearance. Rhinoplasty is usually performed to repair the damage that is commonly caused by traumatic injury.

Bleeding that is caused by trauma can cause clotting inside the nose and can also kill the cartilage. Loss cartilage can cause deformation which is a condition that is sometimes called boxer nose.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

It is a term that is widely used to easily describe a nose job that population groups undergo to revise the natural nasal profile.

This requires skill and precision to properly balance the nose to obtain a natural-looking facial evenness.

It is highly recommended to find a professional surgeon who is well trained in this type of rhinoplasty.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

One of the top reasons why many patients undergo a nose job is that they want to increase the dimensions of their nose.

This type of rhinoplasty is commonly required once the nose has an injury that caused underdevelopment or has underdeveloped congenitally.

The cartilage from the nose can be used to build up nasal structure.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

Most of the patients who want to undergo rhinoplasty want to decrease the width of the bridge, the size of the tip, length of the bridge and the size of their nose.

This type of rhinoplasty addresses bumps on the bridge of your nose and decreases the nasal bridge width.

If you want to undergo in this type , it is very important to consult first your surgeon.

If you are considering getting this type, you should talk to your surgeon and explain to them why you want the procedure and describe to them in detail .

 I hope that this article give useful information about rhinoplasty types .