Guide About Thigh Lift Surgery


Thigh lift
Thigh lift

What is Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift is being carried out in order to tone the thighs through removing or repositioning the tissue as well as tightening skin.

It is also carried out in order to offset the effects of aging, loose skin, excess weight loss and more.

The result would be a more toned appearance which is indeed aesthetically pleasing. You might experience improved confidence and rise in self-esteem.

In addition, thigh lifts are being performed along with the tummy tucks in order for the appearance of the whole body could be improved.

But the decision would be based after consulting the doctor. You might have the procedure being performed with arm lift once you wish so.

The surgeon might also advise combination of thigh lift and liposuction once there are excess pockets of fat into the thigh region which couldn’t be removed only by a thigh lift.

Once you are planning to undergo this thigh lift then you must be completely aware about the changes that your body might experience once it is being performed.

Weight fluctuations after the procedure might not be uncommon.

For your own interest you should be sure that your body weight is stable over a period of time prior to considering this treatment.

The cosmetic surgeon would explain everything and there is a need to decide upon the optimal course of action based upon your weight, age, height and also body mass index.

There are as well certain pre-operative conditions that should be fulfilled.

Once you are a smoker then you better stay away from the tobacco use within weeks leading to treatment. The doctor could also ask you to stop taking some medicines.

Right after the procedure, you could expect to resume medium up to rigorous activities within four to six weeks of time. You might do light work from a week up to fortnight after the said procedure.

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But of course, there are considered to be general guidelines that would vary within individual based on health and age as well.

You might walk only to the tolerated extent as this would help in draining off the excess fluid coming from the site of the incision.

This fluid is being injected in order to prevent blood loss as well as help with liposuction.


There are as well some possible complications that might arise with a thigh lift and that include persistent swelling, poor healing, pain and also need of revisional surgery.

Doctors are to take their time in making sure that the patients are in the best possible shape before the surgery in order for the chances of side effects are minimized or eliminated to the possible extent also.

Thigh lift is usually performed under the general anesthesia and could take couple of hours or more based on the extent of correction needed.

But though thigh lift is a simple one then it would be recommended that it should be performed to be an in-patient operation and you might also have to stay in a hospital for at least a night.

But since this is the call of cosmetic surgeon and once he consider you perfect to be discharge right after the procedure then you could go home along with an adult escort.