How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost in United State ?

tummy tuck cost
tummy tuck cost


Do you feel self-conscious every time you put on a bathing suit or a really sexy dress that you had bought a couple of years back – before you picked up all the unwanted weight around the midriff region?


Does your pot belly make you feel embarrassed? Have you tried every possible diet and exercise plan, but to no effect? Is there a way to get rid of your protruding tummy safely and effectively?
Yes, there sure is one.

You could be an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck, also called as an abdominoplasty, which is a surgical procedure performed by some of the best plastic surgeons in America. But everything has a price.

So, how much does a tummy tuck cost in the USA?

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average tummy tuck cost in the United States is $5,278. That is a reasonable estimate, although it was made in 2011. The costs haven’t increased drastically since then.


The surgeon’s fee is the most important part of it and it is important that you should hire an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


You would need to consider expenses as well, such as the expenses related to the pre-op testing ($500 and higher), anesthesia ($435 – $1,800) and other facility fees ($1,200 – $10,000). The cost of the visitations following the surgery could be an extra, but offered for free by many plastic surgeons.


The most important determinant of the tummy tuck cost is the location. Where the surgical procedure is performed makes a big difference to how much it would cost you.

Also, tummy tucks for women generally cost more than that for men, because there is much higher demand from women for this procedure than from men. This is understandable as women are arguably more conscious about their looks than men.


Since tummy tucks are a cosmetic procedure, most insurance providers do not cover the procedure. You will need to pay for it from your own pocket. You can also take advantage of the patient financing options that are available to you.


Tummy Tuck Cost in Different Regions in the USA

As said earlier, tummy tuck cost depends on the region, state and the county where the facility is located. Here’s a look at the various states in the country and how much it would cost you to have the surgical procedure performed there.


Memphis, Tennessee 

Memphis is a great place to get a tummy tuck done as the procedure costs only $4,200 here on an average.

Omaha, Nebraska 

The procedure costs the same as the national average in the state of Nebraska – just around $5,500.

New York City 

New York, as you might expect, is the most expensive city in the USA, so the cost of the surgical procedure is much higher there and ranges from $7,000 to over $15,000. In Manhattan, getting this surgery done would cost you $10,000.

San Francisco, California 

Cost of an abdominoplasty in San Francisco, California is between $6500 and $10,000.

Atlanta, Georgia 

In Atlanta, an abdominoplasty would cost you $6,000 on an average, which is reasonable.

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Cost of an abdominoplasty in Utah is around $5600. This is inclusive of the cost of hiring the anesthesiologist and the related facility fees.

Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California 

Los Angeles has the highest rates for a tummy tuck. Here, the procedure can cost as much as $16,000. The prices are especially high in Beverly Hills, where you will find many plastic surgeons who are celebrities in their own right.

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

The cost of the abdominoplasty in Minneapolis ranges from $5100 to 8000.

South Carolina 

Here in South Carolina, a tummy tuck would set you back by $7500.
Seattle, Washington – Prices for tummy tucks in the city of Seattle can fall in the range of $6000 or just over $10000.